Passion to Craft

Its not very often in life you find the thing you are most passionate about, but we have.

Eventide Hills Distillery was born from a passion to craft and for the love of a good spirit. Our Spirits are 100% authentically crafted and aged on the pristine Atherton Tablelands.

Founded by Kelli & Andrew Smith both raised in the local area. Creating spirits that pay homage to the Atherton Tablelands and showcasing what it has to offer.

Head Distiller Kelli Smith displays a play on flavours with her 1st release Gin “Reflection Gin” and she can’t wait to share her passion and love of spirits with you. Created on the principles that drive Eventide Hills. Family, Friends and good old fashioned hard work.

We use the finest quality ingredients when it comes to our botanicals, grains and Malts. Combined with our pure water, clean air and mountainous environment produces unique flavour profile distinctive to the region.

Join us on our journey

Kelli xo

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Eventide Hills Distillery


Eventide Hills Distillery Copper pot still is Australian made from HHH Distil in WA, Copper is essential to the distillation, producing a softer and smoother spirit.

Our mash tun was locally fabricated by Eclipse Fabrication out of a recycled milk vat from one of our local dairy farms.

We are strong believers in the 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.


Eventide Hills Distillery source our malts from Voyager Craft Malts in the Riverina producing high quality single origin malts.

Where possible products are sourced from our local farmers and small businesses.

Our spent grains are used to feed livestock on local neighbouring farms or used onsite making sure Eventide Hills Distillery is fully sustainable into the future.